South Beaches Day Tour

Hi Great Treveler! The day trip we present you is actually was a common day trip to South Lombok or Kuta Beach Tour. Recently this trip has became more popular after some icons were rised such as Hill view from Merese. A total wide range panorama view of South Beaches in Central Lombok & visiting The Umbrella Stone were located at the corner of Tanjung Aan beach.

Minimum 2 people should be in a trip. Solo traveler should paid minimum for 2 participant. For more then 5 participant USD 55 per person applied.

Best spot Photography

One of the popular spot for photography in Tanjung Aan beach, it takes 15minutes by outrigger boat

Merese hill view

Merese Hill View

Stay there for a while and take a deep breath. Enjoy the longest stretch white sand beach of Tanjung Aan South of Lombok


Lay down on the beach

The magic of white sand & panorama beach of Tanjung Aan. Lay down and let the wind embrace you.

Itinerary Trip

Duration: The tour start from 9am till at 05.00 PM and return to the hotel.

We will bring you to see and enjoy the hole part of South Beaches. Starting from Hill view at Tanjung Aan beach, a white crystal clear water and enjoy the swing on the beach and swimming around. After 30 minutes, we will continue to Merese Hill as the top highlight trip. Lunch break can be taken at Kuta beach or nearby. There are several restaurants here, but ensure to choose the right restaurant consider the hygiene.

Trip continue to Mawun beach and it takes another 25 minutes to get there. Enjoy a relaxing moment under the shade or sunlight. The beach is clean and tidy also has beautiful panorama here.

The last trip destination on South Beaches day tour is Selong Belanak beach. This beach has became much popular through Australian Surfers and backpackers from European. There is a spot where you can get a surfing lesson. Enjoy the most relaxing beach with gorgeous white stretch beach.

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Additional notes
Camera underwater is available for rental with additional USD30nett including 4GB Memory Card.

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