Visit Waterfalls Under Mount Rinjani

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Minimum 2 people should be in a trip. Solo traveler should paid minimum for 2 participant. For more then 5 participant USD 55 per person applied.
west coast line

Beautiful Panorama

Take a short moment to shoot panorama view along the way drive to the north from Senggigi. In this point, where you might see beautiful panorama beach, coconut threes ...

traditional market

Traditional Market

You will have a chance to see and interact with local in their Traditional Market called Pasar Tanjung. Here you can see some various color of seasonal fruits, ingridients, herbs and local tobacoe

tiu kelep waterfall

The Waterfalls

Spend your time there and relaxe. You should ensure your bags/ belonging are taken care by our guide. Swim and spoilt your self there

Itinerary Trip

Duration: Full day, starts from 08:00AM and return to the hotel at 05:00PM.

This tour covers the northern part of the island and offers you a taste of the magnificent local nature. Traveling along the breathtaking coastline, we will stop over at the Malimbu lookout, before continuing our journey to the Tanjung Traditional Market, a colorful daily market where locals trade fresh produce. We will then visit the spectacular Sendang Gila Waterfall, which is located on the foot of the Mount Rinjani. A little further up is another notable waterfall, Tiu Kelep. The bathing pool below the fall makes for enjoyable swimming. The cool tropical forest invites you to enjoy Lombok’s pristine nature at its best.

Our next destination, Senaru village, is often viewed as the gateway to the trek up Mount Rinjani. The cultural and spiritual guardians of Mount Rinjani, the Sasak people and their mountain tribal traditions are still observed daily here.

Finally, we will stop at the Senaru Traditional village. This village is still preserve with their genuine life and social. Previously this area became a must to visit just before to do trekking to get blessed from the elders due trekking is not only about outdoor sport but for locals, this is some kind a spiritual journey to understand between creation and God. The other sign that the local has even good civilian from hundreds years ago is that they have a space called sekepat or sekenem which is built between elder’s house to other. Common people in Lombok called this space is Berugak. Here all serious problems will be discussed and finalized traditionally.


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Camera underwater is available for rental with additional USD30nett including 4GB Memory Card.

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