Lombok is sister’s island of Bali. It takes only 30 minutes fly away by domestic airplane through this island or using the most famous transportation by the sea is fastboat from Padang Bay straight away to Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno or Gili Air in Lombok.

Many people sNorth Sasak peopleays that Lombok is just like 30 years ago of Bali. Yes, it is. Tourism infrastructures are under developing. Well, get back to our discussion. There are a lot of traditions you find here, from historical building and design, fashion, culinary, ceremony and so on.

In some are in Lombok, the strong remnant culture and history of the sasak people is one of the many unique attractions of the island. One of those is “Wetu Telu” this is kind of local believing only can be found in North and east area of Lombok (the villages, mostly around Rinjani mountain)

Here are some of our common traditions as follow ;

Gendang Beleq
Its Sasak Traditional Big Drum, this is lead by ‘sekehe’ leader of Gendang Beleq troops. In the past it was performed as the way to raise spirit of kingdom troops who were going to the battlefield. Now Gendang Beleq is used to company Nyongkolan after wedding party and also as a welcome for important guests.

Perang Topat
Perang Topat (Topat War) is a ritual ceremony which is performed as a expression og gratitude to God for his blessing of fertile soil plentiful agriculture produce. This event is performed in Lingsar Park by both Hindus and Sasaks, who throw rice cakes “topat” at each other. The ceremony is usually held every year at the time of sixth full moon (according to the Sasak calendar). Topat is a plating if coconut leaves filled with rice and boiled.

Manhood and heroism is a total criteria are shown into a game called Perisean. The fighter called Pepadu use a stick as a tool to fight and perisae which made of Cow’s skin as a shade to protect themselves from getting hurt. Sportive is becoming the main requirement in this game with a referee called “Pekambar” will act as a judge.