Local experience while going to Senaru Waterfall

This is a journey to see how local people live with nature and also a great moment for them to learn something new about peanute farming in Tanjung village north Lombok and experience to be apart of people in Senaru traditional village. Two hours driving from Senggigi where they stay to the north. We visited firstly Traditional Market in Gunung Sari with various color of vegetables and fruits. We continued the trip and met some friendly monkeys at Pusuk Pass which is 600 meters above sea level and we drove down and stop by at the farming lands where the locals were having peanut harvesting. They enjoyed this activities so much.

After visiting the waterfalls we brought them to see the traditional houses of Sasak village in Senaru. They saw lot of things there.

Follow us for further local experience in Lombok with us at Senaru Waterfall Tour
Thank you Mr. Rob Groot for your valuable travel in Lombok with us.




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