Getting to Lombok is quite easy, however as with the recent worldwide downturn in tourism, airlines and ferries have cut back on frequency. Below is summary of the options currently available (we provide this information only to give you an idea of the options available – be advised that scheduled services may change without prior notice).

International Airline
Singapore – MataramDepart-ArriveFrequency
Silk Air MI12207.55-10.20Sat
Silk Air MI12615.20-18.00Mon, Thu
Mataram – SingaporeDepart-ArriveFrequency
Silk Air MI12111.15-13.45Sat
Silk Air MI12518.45-21.20Mon, Thu


Domestic Airlines
Bali – MataramDepart-ArriveFrequency
Trigana TGN 54207.30-07.55Daily
Indonesia Air Transport08.00- 08.30Daily
Merpati MZ 660208.20-0850Mon-Tue-Thu-Sat
Merpati MZ 660209.30-10.00Wed-Fri Sun
Indonesia Air Transport15.30-16.00Daily
Trigana TGN 54016.30-16.55Daily
Merpati MZ 660817.00-17.30Mon-Tue-Thu-Sat
Merpati MZ 660818.30-19.00Wed-Fri Sun
Mataram – BaliDepart-ArriveFrequency
Trigana TGN 54308.15-08.40Daily
Indonesia Air Transport09.00-09.30Daily
Merpati MZ 660309.20-09.50Mon-Tue-Thu-Sat
Merpati MZ 660310.30-11.00Wed-Fri Sun
Indonesia Air Transport16.45-17.15Daily
Trigana TGN 54117.25-17.55Daily
Merpati MZ 660918.00-18.30Mon-Tue-Thu-Sat
Merpati MZ 660919.30-20.00Wed-Fri Sun
Jakarta – MataramDepart-ArriveFrequency
Garuda GA 43010.00-13.55Daily
Batavia Air 7P 34516.25-20.15Daily
Lion Air JT 65019.00-21.55Daily
Garuda GA 43219.40-22.30Daily
Mataram – JakartaDepart-ArriveFrequency
Garuda GA 43106.45-07.30Daily
Lion Air JT 65106.25-17.15Daily
Batavia Air 7P 34607.00-08.50Daily
Garuda GA 43314.35-16.30Daily
Surabaya – MataramDepart-ArriveFrequency
Merpati MZ 83109.40-11.40Daily
Lion Air JT 64010.40-12.25Daily
Garuda Citilink GA 04018.00-19.50Daily
Lion Air JT 64821.30-23.20Daily
Mataram – SurabayaDepart-ArriveFrequency
Garuda Citilink GA 04106.10-06.00Daily
Lion Air JT 64906.15-06.05Daily
Merpati MZ 83012.20-12.10Daily
Lion Air JT 64112.50-12.00Daily